Stimulator streamers for river fishing

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Big fish eat big flies and I don’t have any doubt about this. They use a lot of energy so they need meat! Insects are ok but not for them,but they will hunt minnows all the time. Will eat insects when are big hatches otherwise will look for consistent food. More than that are territorial, not only trout but also grayling so if you will be in the right place at the right hour you will catch nice big fish with almost any type of streamer. If they are apathetic or lazy is difficult to make a big trout to take your streamer. You have to irritate him, to provoke the attack based on the territorial instinct. To do that you need the right colors and correct movement. If the colors are ” too natural” is very possible to not irritate him. If the colors are a little bit stimulative then you will end the fishing day with a big big smile on your face :). Think how many of us noticed the next to us fisherman who captured more fish with a “stupid colored” streamer ( fluoro green, pink, peach or a strange blue combined with violet ). If the fish don’t attack based on curiosity at least you will make him to “wake up” and pay attention at the strange “swimming things”. If the material used in construction of your streamer is correct mounted, then the streamer will induce the attack of the fish without any doubt!
So take in consideration: the color combinations and the suitable materials used for streamers depending of fishing condition. Another important way is how you will play the streamers but this is a different subject.
Here are a few stimulator streamers used by Troutline Pro Team and you can use as models :











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