Simple Peacock Quill and CDC Emergers

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These Simple Peacock Quill and CDC Emergers are  easy to tie and can be used  for lake fishing and river fishing in the same time.  The #14 should be the biggest size used. I prefer to tie on size #16  but sometimes I  go down  even on #20 and 22.

I like the sparkle from thorax   but sometimes I had  better days using the  model with a little bit of white synthetic fibers from dubbing as tails.

The hackled emerger worked for me on lakes with short retrieves with long pauses . Dead drift worked well too

The spotted emerger without hackle worked better on rivers and tied on small as possible hooks ( in these case I prefer Varivas 2200 BL). Bellow is a sized #12 tied on E320 Demmon:

For trout I like more the same model with one turn of picric partridge hackle

  • Mark Daniel
    January 16, 2020

    beautiful patterns .
    do you put UV resin on the quills ?
    best Wishes

    • Lucian Vasies
      January 16, 2020

      Thanks Mark for your appreciation :). Yes I use resin to increase their durability

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