San Juan worms, squirmies, and all kind of worm nymphs

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San Juan Worm is a classic nymph which imitates the earth worms. It is nice, vivid, easy to tie, practically a hit in those time. Even today fishermen from US ( the place where this nymph appeared ) use it with fantastic results

In Europe similar flies where tied in Poland, Czech Republic and other east European countries. For example Vladi Worm is tied on curved anatomic hook with pink or red strips made of condoms.

Around 5-6 years ago Squirmy Wormie material appeared on the fly tying market in USA. Originated by Spirit River this material is a kind of silicone super soft solid tubes in 3-4mm diameter. This material became rapidly very popular due to softness and how behaves in water. One weak thing about this material: can be easily broken by tying thread and is destroyed by solar light ( in fact by UV radiation )

I know that it looks odd but is really effective. In the last years a lot of fishermen used it with impressive results. On all latest competitions these flies where deadly and this is the reason why FIPS Mouche banned this material

Some fishing clubs and river administrators banned squirmy and all flies made with silicone with a soft lure look. So is better to ask first if you can use these kind of worms in water.

Another new materials developed based on the same idea are chenille made with synthetic dubbing, soft or elastic core with micro silicone tubes trapped. It seems more effective than other old chenilles.


Due to these interdiction a new kind of chenille appeared in tying world which has soft core, is light and very vibrant in water. It is better by far than old classic suede chenille used for San Juan classic worms

These flies works extremely well in the following fishing conditions:

  • starting season
  • when fish are aggressive – stimulator type of flies
  • when river is high
  • after a strong rain or during rainy time
  • works great in muddy waters
  • effective in deep pools jigged after big rocks

Even these flies are huge if we compared with micro nymphs or perdigon flies, trout and grayling in all kind of sizes eat these worms. We highly recommend to everybody to have them in their boxes, are fun to fish and super effective!

Cheers and stay safe!

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