Pimped Pheasant Tail Nymph for Trout

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Here is a pimped nymph for trout. Ok, I agree, the “blink” can be disturbing 🙂 but sometimes you need to use attractor flies :). I had situations when I noticed big trout in deep pools. Nothing was interesting enough to make those monsters to strike. In Spring I will visit those spots again and I want to test these type of stimulator flies, maybe I will have success. At least that these flies works great if they are big enough on big rainbow trout.
Here is the recipe
*hook -Demmon #10-14 ST900
*body and tail – pheasant barbs in natural color
*ribbing- red wire
*hot spot- made of UV TroutLine hot orange resin
*thorax- thorax dark dubbing
*back-magic braid back
*legs- partridge dyed picric

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