Peacock Quill Perdigon with Purple Hot Spot

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For those who love to make perdigon flies, here is a simple and effective model at this time of the year. The peacock quill perdigon is discreet and relatively neutral in color. It is more for timid fish and they are susceptible and cautious about what they eat. The silver color is essential because it imitates an air bubble. Silver is visible, being at the same time “natural” more effective than gold – a color preferred by the human eye than by fish. The hot spot it is visible enough without being too aggressive. The coloring of the model offers a balance of colors.


  • Maruto D04 HWW #14-20
  • Thread: 30DEN Veevus black
  • Tails: Leon pardo
  • Body: Troutline hand cleaned peacock quill
  • Necks: Troutline perdigon skin
  • Beads: Tungsten
  • Resin: Troutline Perdigon medium viscosity UV resin

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