New Tying Riddle – guess the materials used

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Hi guys,

We have a new tying riddle: just guess the materials used 🙂

The guy/girl who will answer first ( hook, body material, tail, back and coating ) will receive a set of 2 colors of Troutline UV resins in Hot orange and Black.

Ok, unfortunately nobody guessed the recipe so here it is:

Demmon DSD 110 BL

Thread: yellow

Body Krystal Flash green

Tail Coq de Leon

  • Ralph
    May 20, 2019

    Hook: Demmon DSD 110
    Body: Troutline UV Flat Perdigon Tinsel
    Body Coating: Perdigon UV resin clear
    Tail: Coq de leon
    Back: Black TroutLine UV resin hot orange & black

  • Rafał
    May 20, 2019

    Hook: Hanak H260 BL #16
    Body: Troutline Perdigon UV Flat Tinsel
    Tail: CDL Pardo
    Back: Troutline UV resin hot orange and black
    Coating: Troutline Perdigon UV Resin Clear

  • Kenan
    May 22, 2019

    hook:Hanak H260 BL #16
    tail : coq de leon-pardo
    Body:Troutline Perdigon UV Flat Tinsel-rainbow
    Back: Troutline UV resin hot orange and black
    Coating:Troutline Perdigon UV Resin Clear

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