New Body Pearlescent Quill from Hends

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Hends came this year with a new tying material: Body Pearlescent Quill. I didn’t really have time to study it, but these days I managed to take some colors and make some flies, more precisely some nymphs and a few dry flies.

The material is a new version of the older and already classic Body Quill. What is interesting in this case: the effects of shades and reflections of the material: some have a pearl effect and others have a UV effect.

Hends labels all their products with codes and does not write the color. In the case of Body Pearlescent Quill, if it were written green or black, honestly, it doesn’t seem realistic to me. The reflections and nuances are so complex that they cannot be rendered by a simple generic color.

Pearl effect:

UV effect:

I don’t have the whole range of colors, there are only 16, the ones I considered the most important from my point of view. But all colors will be available in the store ( Trout Line shop) in the shortest time.

You can practically make any fly using this material. It all depends on everyone’s degree of creativity or curiosity:)

For example, I tied the fly above by making the underbody from UV material. To see how it works, it will surely catch on, but it is not known if it is better than a more classic and simpler model.

Same situation for cdc micro sulphur dun:

When working with these materials, it is good to know that the thread used influences the final color. So for neutral colors, use white, if you want to get a dark shade, use dark colors.

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