Natural Tan Weasel Zonker Streamer

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The construction of this Weasel Zonker Streamer employs light-colored materials to replicate the appearance of small fish and fish fry inhabiting clear waters with a high content of limestone and sandstone.

In these rivers with white stones, the juvenile fish tend to have a pale coloration. If they displayed bright and intense hues, they would be more susceptible to be attacked by larger fish. To replicate this natural phenomenon, the model is created with weasel tan-white zonker strips, while the eyes are made larger and more voluminous to entice predatory fish. This type of streamer fly is especially effective when used in rivers such as Soca and Idrijca in Slovenia.

Weasel fur in natural tan-cream color is an excellent material for these type of streamers, adding a lifelike behavior to these type of flies. I like a lot how this material behaves in water and become one of my favourite for these type of flies.

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