Multicolored Perdigon

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When the fishing pressure is high and the fish become educated, it is good to change the orange or green hot spot to other colors. Gold always works, try it 🙂

  • Size 18 hook W633 Demmon
  • Tail made of Coq de Leon
  • Thread used is Gel Spun Ultra Flat 50DEN in brown
  • Body is made of tinsel rainbow- Glossy Pearl
  • Coating is done with Troutline UV Resin

As Spring transitions to Summer, we can expect less frequent rain. Unfortunately, drought may linger into this season. However, experts predict the occasional heavy downpour, bringing large amounts of water in a short time. These sudden bursts will create periods of dark, cloudy water.

This fly is a perfect choice for those conditions! Its high contrast profile makes it easy for fish to see in murky water, increasing your chances of success.

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