Micro Brown Baby Fish Squirrel Zonker

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This is a super simple squirrel zonker streamer. The brown color is very popular for trout flies. It is a must fly for all those who love to fish with streamers.

Zonkers are not a full of life flies like marabou flies are. They are better in medium and strong currents when the silhouette of the fly is very important in triggering the fish attack. The zonkers are well known for that and the squirrel strips suit perfectly for small and micro streamers.


*Hook: Demmon W633 in size #12

*Thread: Veevus GSP white

*Body: any white synthetic dubbing to imitate the belly of small fry fish

*Ribbing: medium or large tinsel wire – gold/silver or copper

*Tail: orange synthetic dubbing fixed as free fibers

*Wing: Grey Squirrel Zonker: dyed rusty brown

*Eyes: 3D eyes in s4mm size fixed and secured with UV Resin

There is a small trick when this fly is tied – to cut in “V” the skin. The tip should be at tail and the base should be fixed near the hook eye. The reason: more movement in tail area ( because the tail skin is thinner and more mobile )

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