Meet Jan Rozman: Your Slovenian Marble Trout Maestro!

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Have you ever dreamt of casting a fly into crystal-clear waters, surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery, with the chance to land a legendary Marble Trout? Slovenia, a hidden gem in Central Europe, offers this dream fly fishing experience. But navigating unfamiliar rivers and mastering the art of fly fishing can be daunting. That’s where Jan Rozman comes in – your friendly companion and expert guide to Slovenia’s hidden fly fishing paradise.

I know Jan for many years now, he isn’t just a guide; he’s a lifelong angler with a deep passion for the thrill of catching trophy Marble Trout. Years of experience have honed his skills, making him a true master of these elusive fish.

Jan believes fly fishing is more than just catching a fish. He creates a fun and memorable experience, tailoring trips to your skill level and interests. Imagine learning expert techniques while surrounded by stunning scenery, or enjoying a scenic hike after a successful catch. Jan’s intimate knowledge of Slovenian rivers means he knows where the Marble Trout hides and hunts. Whether you prefer sight fishing, euro-nymphing, or dry fly casting, he’ll guide you to the best spots and techniques to maximise your chances of success.

Ready to Reel in Memories?

Jan Rozman, the owner of the Rozman Fly fishing trips, offers a variety of guided fly fishing adventures in Slovenia. Visit his website ( to explore different trip options, pricing, and booking details. Let Jan be your key to unlocking the magic of fly fishing in Slovenia. Together, you’ll chase the legendary Marble Trout and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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