Hot Spots – UV Ribbing fibers

There is a lot of info regarding hot spots and the effect of these in fly tying and fly fishing. A hot spot works like a trigger, in the same way like hot colors used in lure fishing and spoon fishing. The first colors used where orange, red, chartreuse and fluo yellow. The Czech fisherman started to use them on shrimp and scuds a few good years ago. They had fantastic success not only in day-by-day fishing but especially in competitions. These colors are very popular even today and you will see in a lot of boxes a lot of flies tied with these colored hot spots.
From a short period of time the color range of hot spot was increased with uv dubbing and uv ribbing materials. Troutline has 2 types of ribbing materials: one for medium and large flies and one for small and very small flies. First one is called TroutLine Ribbing fiber and the second one is called Peter’s Ribbing quill.
Is difficult to catch the entire spectrum of colors of these fibers. In my opinion, these ribbing materials are really fantastic and a ” must” for every fisherman who use nymphs.
The “stuff” is a kind of plastic coated in a pearly -UV color. The spectrum of colors reflected are unimaginable and difficult to be photographed because the color will change according with the angle.
Bellow is an example how looks these hot spot uv fibers on white background.




A fly ribbed with this material looks like this bellow:

winged nymph tied with CDC and mad rabbit dubbing by Lucian Vasies

Another one photographed in water:


And a color cart:







Practically this material can be used for ribbing, classic hot spots behind bead or classic buts. Some Slovak fisherman reported great success with very small nymphs tied with bodies of this material.



caccia-nymph by lucian vasiespurple-and-fire-spider by lucian vasies

To make a few conclusion about these type of material:
*easy to work with
*can be used for ribbing
*good for small hot spots even on small and very small flies
*can be used for nymphs, wet flies and even dry flies
*resistant at teeth fish
*can be coated with UV resin
*UV-pearly effect with high visibility in water

I hope that I open the tying “appetite” of each of our readers and I recommend to have this interesting and cheap material for your own recipe of flies. You will be amazed how easy is to work with and how efficient is!

You can find them here:
Troutline Ribbing fiber:
Peter’s Ribbing Quill:

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