Green Nutria Caddis Bug Nymph

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Green Nutria caddis bug nymph is good to be used in fast flowing waters. As probably you know, in strong currents all delicate materials used like CDC, partridge and other similar tying materials will loose their attractiveness. CDC and Partridge hackles will not pulse and will not work like they do in normal currents. Nutria, which is an aquatic animal provides us fur with great properties similar with those from seal fur: curly, thick, translucent- the most important ones

So here is this fly tied with Nutria dubbing, I hope you like it 🙂

Hook: Caddis type in size #10

Thread: Veevus GSP white

Ribbing : golden wire

Body: Nutria green dubbing

Thorax: Nutria dark colored dubbing

Bead: Tungsten

Hot Spot: Veevus orange thread

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