Elementary Dun flies for late evenings

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Everybody of us  we met situations when late in the day , on the rivers, we saw small dun flies and high activity from fish side. We changed  almost all dry flies from our boxes, almost nothing happened. After years and years of fishing I arrived at 2 flies able to give me high  satisfactions. I call them my special dun flies for late evenings and I have  them in size from #14 down to #20.

These elementary dun flies are in 2 colors, a creamy olive and a classic dun. Tied with long tails in V shape  based on translucent synthetic  fibers , body made of thread,  CDC wing and just a little bit of squirrel dubbing in thorax part , these flies provide a great insect water print.  probably this is the reason why these models tied in this way are so efficient.

The delicate dun flies represent a great source of food for trout and grayling  , the proper snack before going to bed 🙂

Material used for tying:
Hook: Maruto D04 #14-18
Thread: Elastic Body Thread in olive and in Dun
Tail: Synthetic fibers in light olive and dun
Body: Elastic thread in the same colors to match with the pattern color
Wing: Teal Duck CDC fixed in V shape
Thorax: squirrel dubbing

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