Black Zonker Streamer – tied with Muskrat

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Black, white, and dirty white or cream-colored streamers are widely recognized as the most effective streamers in fly fishing. These colored streamers are essential for any angler’s fly box, although there are times when other colors might prove more effective ( olive, yellow or brown olive for example).

here is my black version of zonker streamer which I use in deep rivers and when I fish in lakes: The Black Muskrat Zonker Streamer. Made with high-quality dyed black muskrat zonker, this fly is particularly effective in dark rivers in northern Europe and during rainy weather when waters get muddy. It is a must-have for any angler who is serious about catching big trout.

To tie this fly, you’ll need:

This pattern has been tested and proven to be effective by many anglers so add it to your fly collection will increase your chances of success on the water 🙂

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