A super simple Trout Nymph -for beginners and not only

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Here is a simple fly that has all the necessary elements: hot spot, sparkle material for contrast and a buggy-spiky look.

When it comes to fly tying, sometimes simplicity can yield remarkable results. The fly I present to you today embodies this concept. With its straightforward design, this fly doesn’t demand advanced skills or intricate techniques. Yet, don’t let its simplicity fool you – it holds immense potential for successful trout fishing.


  • Hook in any size you like but bigger is better ( in this case)
  • thread is brown/black, any you prefer
  • body is made of troutline super spiky dubbing in natural grey
  • tail is made of mallard/partridge barbs
  • hot spot is represented by orange thread – used for ribbing
  • thorax is pure squirrel combined with black-blue synthetic dubbing
  • bead- super heavy/big tunsten ( in this case is a #12 hook combined with a 4mm black nickel tungsten

You can adapt the body colors as you like and depending of what your trout eats. You can make the fly in cream-tan, olive or brown. All these variants are super effective!

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