Buff – for comfortable fishing moments

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Fly fishing is not a simple hobby, you spend time in nature no matter how nice or how ugly is the weather. A nice day is depending only of your equipment. A good equipment will provide you comfort and pleasure. If there are mosquito searching for blood, ready to suck your blood then you need a repellent. If you apply it on your skin you can have chemical burns. A bandana or a buff head wear will help you to protect your face, your neck skin and your head. You can apply the solution on it. More than that the repellent will last more. A buff head wear will protect by wind and sun and will keep you comfortable. Take this in consideration and you will find this very nice and util.
Bellow are a few nice and sexy buff that you should take in consideration:
Rainbow trout:

Rainbow heads:

Trout heads

Pike 3D

Rainbow and Salmon 3D:

Rainbow skin:

Brown trout skin:

Tarpon 3D:

Black Bass:


All of them can be found in troutline shop in clothing section

You can find there also stripping guard buff for those who fish with streamers or buzzers:

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