May Fly Swimming G Nymph

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May Fly Swimming G Nymph is tied based on the old model made in 2008 as you can see bellow:

Unfortunately the blog was hacked during years and the old articles ( hundreds) where lost. This new version is made for fishing in Spring time in high waters. The jig off tungsten beads used will let the fly sink fast. Due to special position of the tungsten bead the fly will stay with the hook up mostly so the snags will be reduced. The semi-realistic look is provided by Synthetic Quill made by Troutline and by the gills. So the fly will be more successfully compared with one model with classic look.

Materials used:

  • Demmon ST 900 BL #12-16
  • Tail made of Coq de Leon Pardo Corzuno Medio
  • Under-Body made of yellow body thread
  • Body is made of Troutline Synthetic Quill size M – color TSQM13
  • Gills are made of yellow thread
  • Thorax is made of  spiky dubbing mixed with synthetic dubbing
  • Thorax bead is Jig Off Tungsten
  • Head is made os small Tungsten bead

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